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And that’s part of the root of the problem, the waiting lists and the wait times are illustrative of that.The other point that I’d like to make as a closing thought is the importance of prevention.We really have to re-balance, not only our systems,but our resources.

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To focus more on prevention Dental and less on crisis intervention,so that we can help our young people grow and develop in a healthy way,and in a way that leads to long-term mental well being.KNAPP Very good.Well, that’s about all the time we have,this has been an NET News special.

Mental Health Who’s Responding?You can catch this program on the web at thanks again to our guests,Sergeant John Walsh of the Lincoln Police Department,Ashley Wilkins of the Mental Health Association of Nebraska,Great Plains Health CEO Mel McNeil,and state Senator Kate Bole.

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Was telling,has there been follow-up with this person that he was describing? WILKINS I’m trying to remember who you’re talking about.KNAPP Oh, well let’s not use the name!WILKINS Well, no, no, but we tend to follow up with all the people that we’re working with,especially somebody who we’ve collaborated as a team with,with the LED, and it sounds like we–KNAPP Yeah, and he mentioned the Kaye House,can you describe that a little bit? WILKINS The Kaye House is a short-term respite stay for individuals.

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seeking support and services,somebody could come in and stay for up to five nights,and sometimes we bend our rules and go two weeks or so.

But they can come in, and we can provide / peer support,hook ’em up with any resources, community resources,or anything that they’re needing. And you use the term respite, when I think of respite,I think of respite care for people with sick relatives,but these are for the people themselves.

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that feel like they’re slipping towards the edge,  sort of.WILKINS Yeah, a lot of times, we’re wanting to catch people before they’re needing hospitalization.We wanna catch people and be more preventative,so when, a lot of times.

when somebody’s referred to the REAL program, we will let them know that Kaye House is available, they could come and they can stay for that five-day stay,kind of get away from whatever it is that’s going onion their life, but they can still go to work,they can still take care of their kids, or their dog, or,whatever it is, so it’s not as possibly intrusive in their lives as maybe an inpatient hospital stay,if that’s not necessarily.

what they’re needing.FRED KNAPP Now, when it comes to inpatient hospital stays,you referred to those, Mel…I know that, from talking to the sheriff in Lincoln County,they have some programs for jail inmates,but what about the people that don’t go through the jail,that just come directly.